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Loch Ness Monster, Nessie & Me by Tony Harmsworth is the first comprehensive Loch Ness book for more than a decade. It exposes fakes, hoaxes and pseudoscience and shows how the story grew from an interesting local story into the most famous mystery of the twentieth century. Whether or not you believe in the mystery, how that mystery grew from humble beginnings to world fame is a fascinating story in its own right and this book explains all.

However, it contains more than just the monster. It is a GEOGRAPHY of Loch Ness; the BIOGRAPHY of the world's favourite monster and the AUTOBIOGRAPHY of the best known Loch Ness commentator.

A SUPERB READ FROM BEGINNING TO END! Click this link to hear
the author reading the book.



Loch Ness Monster, Nessie & Me is available, signed by the author, Price £15 UK or £19.50 Worldwide (surface mail) £22.50 (Airmail). To buy the book go to this secure page and scroll down to the cash sale section at the bottom of the page. If you would like the book sent to someone else as a gift put details in the notes block after entering your credit card details. Nessie Hunt is also available exclusively from this site.


Alternatively it can be purchased in this E-store as a book or a download, but note that books from this source are not signed. Books from this store are £15 plus postage. Downloads are £4.75.


Scotland's Bloody History is also available on both sites.


Both books are also available within the United States on the Create Space website and on this page.

This is the link to buy a copy of the book on Amazon. Cheaper than direct from me if you are in the USA or other overseas country, but not signed, of course.
The Kindle version is now available in the USA & UK Kindle store. Just click this link

Nessie Hunt:

Tony also invented Nessie Hunt in 1987. Of the original 10,000 produced, his designer's supply is now down to just 39 games (as of 25th June) so this is the last chance EVER to buy one of these unique, lavishly produced Loch Ness games. For more information see www.NessieHunt.com. The game can be purchased on this secure page, but you'd better not wait too long.